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Brenda is an accomplished performer; she’s been standing up and reciting poetry since 1997, so she’s had a lot of practice. Whether you’re looking for an evening of laughter or something more reflective; out-and-out performance or those moments of stillness and attention, Brenda has a repertoire to hold any audience.


To book Brenda for a performance, please use the Contact form.


Brenda has performed at many festivals, including:

  • Glastonbury

  • Cheltenham Literature Festival

  • Ledbury Poetry Festival

  • Cheltenham Poetry Festival

  • Swindon Literature Festival

  • Worcestershire Literary Festival

  • Brighton Festival

  • Henley Festival

  • Wychwood

  • Hullabaloo

  • Glastonwick Festival

  • Lakefest

She has headlined at many poetry evenings, and gigged with Ian McMillan in a short tour of the West Midlands. As part of her work as a creative writer on cruise ships, she has performed in the middle of the Atlantic; she is no stranger to pubs with sticky carpets; and she has performed at a charity event in the House of Lords.


Abroad, she has toured Texas as part of a poetry festival, and performed to a mixed group of English and Danish football fans in Copenhagen, before a friendly match.


If you would like to engage this incredibly versatile poet for an event, book here.



Brenda has won 35 slams – far more than Roger Federer. These include:

  • Cheltenham Allstars Slam (Cheltenham Literature Festival – for many years the UK’s most important slam), October 2015

  • Chelt’n’Slam, (Cheltenham Spring Literature Festival) May 2000

  • Taunton Slam, October 2000

  • Swindon Literature Festival Slam, May 2001 and May 2013

  • Ledbury Poetry Festival Slam, June 2001 and June 2015

  • Worcester City Slam, October 2001

  • Newbury Slam, October 2002

  • Solihull Slam, November 2002

  • Exeter Slam, March 2006

  • Birmingham, 2007 and 2009

  • Cheltenham Science Festival Slam, 2009

  • Bilston, 2009

  • Wantage, 2011, 2012

  • Cirencester, 2012

  • Bristol Hammer & Tongue, five times,2012 - 2020

  • Bristol Hammer & Tongue regional final, June 2017

  • Malvern, October 2012 and October 2014

  • Wolverhampton Love Slam, February 2014

  • Worcester LitFest Slam, June 2014

  • Audlem Slam, May 2016

  • Hereford Slam, September 2016

  • Cheltenham Poetry Festival Slam, May 2017

  • Shrewsbury Literature Festival Slam, November 2017

  • Wolverhampton Literature Festival, January 2018

  • Ooh Beehive! online slam, August 2020


She’s finished in the top three in many other slams, including the Hammer & Tongue UK National Slam Final, 2013.


Poet Laureateship

Brenda was elected Gloucestershire Poet Laureate at an event in Gloucester Cathedral, in 2012, and remained in this post until 2019.

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