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Poems to order feedback

Katie was touched and tearful about her poem - she loves it! You were wonderfully helpful. It all worked out perfectly. 


I would like to thank you for all of the effort put in to creating such beautiful personal poetry for me. I was reduced to tears by how emotional this was. It is appreciated more that I can put into words & is so special with such personal touches & is something I can treasure forever, thank you so so much.  (I mean every word of this, it truly is amazing, thank you so much).


Please pass my deepest gratitude to Brenda for this poem. She penned what I could not. The poem brought tears to my eye. I will carry it to my grave with love.

My daughter is over the moon! 


I have only just seen this and it’s absolutely  perfect, thank you sooo much.  You have captured everything I mentioned and I love the bit about the whistling!

 Thank you, you’re brilliant




WOW!!!!! (Sorry for shouting, but I’m so excited!!!)


I LOVE both poems....both are truly SPOT ON and so clever.....I’m chuckling as I type




NOW I need to decide how to present these to my LOVE???


Thanks for this brilliant gift!

Wow, what a lovely poem ......thank you so much Brenda for the poem!

My parents absolutely loved your poem! Mom said it felt like you knew them because it was all so spot on!

What a beautiful heart felt poem,  I love it.  Thank you so much Brenda, ill send it to the family now x Once again Thank you


Thank you so much for that. It is amazing. Thank you so much Brenda. You have done a fantastic job. It has brought me to tears. It’s just wonderful. Axxx will absolutely love it.

Wonderful service


Thank you for the quick reply I love it, I'm going to frame it and give to him on our anniversary, so thank you so much I am very grateful.


What a brilliant project! That really gave both my partner and I a much needed laugh. I seemed to have something in my eye towards the end there too... uncannily accurate.

A big thank you to the fine poet Brenda Read-Brown!


What a great idea! It was so sweet to be able to welcome my nephew's firstborn with a poem written just for him. Thank you so much for helping to make something special, even in the middle of lockdown.


It’s is a very lovely poem indeed! I have to say you’re so clever – you’ve really turned my words into a wonderful poem 🙂. 

Mum absolutely loved the poem(s) which you wrote for her. She phoned on Christmas morning, and hardly mentioned the National Trust membership or any of the other presents I'd bought for her - that was the one she wanted to talk about. She couldn't work out how a poem that was so personal, and so apt, had been written. 

One of her friends emailed me later in the week to say that Mum had shared the poem with her and some others, and had said it was her "best present ever". She said that she (the friend) had tears in her eyes when reading it. 

So all in all, it went down very well!


I love it! It brought a tear to my eye. I shared it with some colleagues and they loved it too! Please accept my heartfelt thanks!


Thank-you SO MUCH for these! That is exactly what I hoped for, and more, and the tone is just right. 

In our family, we're not very good at saying things to each other. This is precisely the message I want to give to Mum, but said in a way I couldn't myself. 


Loved the poem. This was so nice to receive in a time when things are difficult and life is not normal. It brought a smile to my face and put a spring back in my step. When I finally get the poem framed and on my wall I will send you a photo.


Thank you so much for the poem for my mother. She was so touched by it. It has brought her a real smile in this difficult year and I am so grateful. Your gift of words is so special and she has kept going back to reread them. Thank you again.

From Oncology Patients

It’s been lovely talking to you, an absolute pleasure, something so different. And the poem! I love it; it’s wonderful. What a talent you have. And all those poems in the book - they’re really powerful, aren’t they? Everyone here should read it.


That’s amazing, brilliant. It’s made me quite emotional. Thank you so much for stopping to talk to me. This has been a good morning; I haven’t just been staring at the walls as I usually do. Thank you! I’ll read it out to my group at Maggie’s.


That’s beautiful, brilliant - it’s a picture of me! What a gift you have. It’s so lovely it’s all I can do not to cry. God moves in mysterious ways and he must have sent you to me today. Thank you so much. I’m so excited!


I’m crying because it’s exactly me; I could hear myself in all of it. It’s lovely. Thank you so much. What a wonderful way to spend a morning!


That’s lovely; beautiful. Thank you so much. After having my bad news today, I really needed something to distract me, and you’ve taken my thoughts away from it all for the afternoon.


I’m so pleased that my appointment was delayed. If I’d gone in on time, I wouldn’t have met you. I’m so glad you came and talked to me - we’ve had fun, haven’t we?


Do you know, since I’ve known my mum had cancer, that’s the first time I’ve cried? It really brings it home to you. That’s my mum exactly. It’s lovely. Thank you so much; sometimes it’s good to cry. This really means a lot to me.


Lovely! Smashing! Wonderful! When I’m feeling down I can read that and it will cheer me up. I recognise myself in all of that. Thank you so very, very much. I’ve really enjoyed my afternoon.


That’s smashing! It’s been lovely to meet you, lovely talking to you. And it’s been helpful - I’ve acknowledged things I hadn’t really accepted before.

That’s brilliant; that’s absolutely brilliant. I love it. It’s amazing how you got so much in and made it flow, and gave it shape. I’ve been completely fascinated. You’ve really made my afternoon. You’ve cheered me up no end.


Do you know, this has done me so much good? I’ve been able to talk about all the things I’ve kept to myself before. I wouldn’t go to therapy but you’ve done me the world of good. You do wonderful things for people; you’re a wonderful lady.

That’s wonderful; that’s lovely! It’s made me all emotional. It’s quite spiritual, isn’t it? Thank you very much; you’ve got a great gift and it’s been lovely meeting you.


This has been an absolute joy for me; I’ve just loved it! You’re very clever. You know what you’re doing with this work? You’re spreading happiness.


It was brilliant, the poem, brilliant. I bloody love it!


It’s been a real pleasure to talk to you. It’s really helpful to talk about things like this; it keeps things in perspective.

That’s amazing! What a gift. To be able to catch that, that precise way I’m feeling at the moment, that really is a gift. My kids will love that. I’ll send it to my brother too. Thank you very much. You’ve helped me realise things I hadn’t realised before - and I’ve really enjoyed talking to you. I’ll look forward to getting the poem!


How did that happen? You just started talking to me, and it all came out, all those things I needed to say. And the poem is wonderful - it really packs a punch

Thank you so, so much for coming to talk to me. Does this sound odd? It’s so much easier to say all these things to a stranger, and you are so easy to talk to.


That poem you wrote for us was brilliant, fantastic. We’ve framed it and put it up on the wall. It still makes me a bit emotional, every time I read it. Thank you so very much.

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