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Arbitrary edges

A comprehensive collection of poetry showing a full range of my poems from 1997-2013. Includes  more than 270 poems, which works out at quite a cheap rate per poem. It has proper poems, performance poems, love poems, and – well, you know my sort of thing, if you know me.

It’s £10 with £1.50 for postage – so that’s just under 5p per poem. To purchase please use contact form below.

like love.png

Like love

A more recent collection; mostly page poetry this time.

“…simple, profound, and immensely touching. There is great empathy at work here, an empathy without which no real poems can exist.” Brian Patten
“A collection to relish from a seasoned and generous poet.”
Chloe Garner, Artistic Director, Ledbury Poetry Festival

It’s £11 with £1.50 for postage. To purchase please use contact form below.

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